Tony's Traveling Table Massage
The Healing That Comes To You


Since I have been going to Tony for massage therapy I feel like a new person nothing is better than a person who knows about the body & really cares about the results -  Jeanette C


Tony is the best massage therapist I have ever had.  I was nervous at first to have a male therapist since I am a younger aged girl, but he is a top professional!I have been trying out different places trying to find someone who would listen to me and make me feel comfortable, and I now finally found someone I can trust.  After getting into an accident about seven months ago, I still suffer from PTSD and have a lot of concussion symptoms.  I am very nervous about people touching my neck and head because you never know if someone can hit you the wrong way by accident and get hurt again unintentionally.  Tony assured me that he has worked with soldiers combating PTSD in the past, as well as many other people who have sensitivities.  He made me feel comfortable and helped me trust that I was going to be ok.  He even showed me exercises I can do to help my neck and legs.  Thank you! -   Raelyn S


Tony is a amazing therapist! I have never experienced a professional massage before... I was given the opportunity to try it out; honestly, if you have not been massaged by Tony... you do not know what you are missing! Tony definitely has me as a client for the rest of my life because the experience was beyond what I could have imagined. His skills and personality can relax your body and spirit. Thank you for giving me an experience where I could relax and feel 100% comfortable in my own skin for the first time, in a very long time.    Shanae D


I had evacuated Florida due to Hurricane Irma and was one giant ball of stress. I got an appointment with Tony, explained what was going on and let him work his magic. He mixed massage and traction/stretching that felt absolutely wonderful. When the massage was over, he congratulated me on being a little taller and having a neck again. Very happy when I walked out.  Anna S


It was my first time with Tony. He was wonderful. Tony gave me exercises to help with the tension in my neck and shoulders.  Karin M


Tony my massage therapist is simply the best. He has been able to basically eliminate all the pain in my upper back. He always takes the time after our session to go over different exercises, which is greatly appreciated and has helped tremendously! Keep up the good work!    Robin B


I haven't had such a great massage in years! Tony was fantastic!   Patricia B                                                                                                       ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Tony is very accommodating and I learned a great deal about personal maintenance of muscle groups and stretching!​​​​​​​  Carol C               ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Everything was amazing and extremely professional. Felt safe and he was very engaging. Tony was perfect!!!   Dover Z                              -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Best massage I've had in a long time. Tony is incredible!   Laura D                                                                                                                        -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

My experience was absolutely wonderful. I was a little nervous about going to a male therapist for the first time. I’m very shy and self conscience.Tony was amazing!!  He talked to me step by step about what was going to go on during my 1 hour massage. He made me feel very comfortable for my first time there, I WILL be back, and so should you!!  Vivian A